Be considerate of others

Respect the space of others - Don't take a shortcut to the bathhouse and cut through someone's campsite. Additionally keep your camping "stuff" confined to your campsite.

Radios and TVs - Many people go camping for the peace and quiet. While your collection of polka tunes is wonderful, not everyone has this level of sophisticated taste. Keep the volume on these devices low enough that it does not disturb neighbors.

Car Alarms - Not everyone likes to hear the setting and unsetting (beep-beep) of a car alarm. Try to limit their use. Also, if you set it remember to turn it off before you open the door.

Pets - If you bring a pet camping you need to take care of it. Clean up after them and keep them occupied. Do not leave them unattended while you go off for a few hours. Remember not everyone likes to hear the sound of a barking dog.

Children - Everyone understands that kids go camping to have a good time. Teach your children to respect the privacy and property of others.

Limited Use of Generators - The sound of a running generator can disturb the peace and quiet of a campground. If at all possible avoid their use. If you must use them, restrict their use to the minimum amount of time necessary.

group photo on dock

Camping / General Rules

  • Camping is by reservation only.
  • Check-in time is 2 p.m. and check-out time is 1 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • No hunting, shooting, or fireworks permitted.
  • Fallen dead branches may be used for firewood. There are plenty!
  • No cutting of live trees; do not place nails or staples into trees.
  • Smoking is permitted only at the campsite, and butts must be disposed of in the fire ring.
  • No alcoholic beverages, except at your campsite and in concealed containers. Drunken and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated.
  • You are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing property you damage.
  • Do not move the fire rings.
  • Do not bathe or wash dishes in the lake.
  • Keep privy clean. Don't throw anything down the privy except toilet paper.
  • Quiet time after 9:00 p.m. Keep dogs and children quiet. No running of generators.
  • Do not cut or use any sharp objects on the picnic tables or benches. Tables should be wiped off when finished. Do not place a camp stove on the picnic tables.
  • Mohawk Cabin: No cooking, smoking, open candles, or pets inside of cabin. Cabin & porch should be swept before leaving.
  • Erie Pavilion: Keep road access open. No parking on dam. Stay off of back slope of dam.
butterfly on flowers

Pets / Animals

Well-behaved pets are welcome at Lake Heron Retreat, but be considerate of others.

  • Dogs should be on-leash at all times.
  • Clean up after your pets. Waste should be placed into the trash. A dumpster is available along the road near the barn.
  • Keep pets quiet, especially at night.
  • No pets on the peddleboats.
  • Horses:
    • Horses should be kept in a wooded area.
    • Any manure in areas where people walk should be cleaned up and thrown into the woods, well away from the picnic and camping areas.
    • Horses should not be watered at the edge of lake, due to trampling the banks. Use a bucket to carry water to the horses.
dogs on leashes

Fishing Rules

  • Do not trample down the embankment (edges) of the lake. Do not leave fishing line, lures, etc. on the ground, in the boats, or in water (clean up your trash).
  • Largemouth Bass and Catfish are "catch and release". They may be purchased. See rates page.
  • Bluegills may be kept. Fish waste should not be thrown into the lake. Take it into the woods.
  • Single fishing hooks must have the barbs crushed. Treble hooks on large lures may have barbs because they are usually not swallowed.
  • Hold fish by the mouth, rather than the body or gills, which may harm the fish. Removed hooks that have been swallowed using a hemostat or needle nose pliers. Try to avoid hurting the fish. If the hook cannot be removed easily, cut the line and release the fish. Don't put it on a stringer and then decide to let it go later. If a Largemouth Bass or Catfish appears to be injured (bleeding) it must be purchased ($7.50 each).
boy holding largemouth bass

Boating Rules

  • Anyone under age 16 and all non-swimmers must wear a life jacket. Buoyant cushions are provided for each boat.
  • No standing or rowdy behavior in the boats.
  • Dock boats at the docks only. Passengers may not board or disembark along the shoreline. Do not run any boat up onto the concrete area, as this damages the bottom of the boat!
  • Keep peddleboats out of shallow water and water lilies. They get wrapped around the paddles.
  • All boats must be returned clean. Wipe out dirt from the peddle boats.
boys wearing lifevests in canoes

Swimming Rules

  • Parents/guardians must take responsibility for ALL children wading and swimming. They must have constant supervision and wear a floatation device if they cannot swim!! Owners will not accept liability for injuries or death which results from wading, swimming, or boating.
  • No fishing or rowdy behavior on docks or swim platform. Absolutely no diving or jumping from the docks.