Help save Lake Heron

The future of the lake at Lake Heron Retreat is uncertain. New regulations after the dam was built in the 1960s means that over $500,000 in modifications are now required. Without the changes, DEP wants the lake to be drained and the dam destroyed. Don't let that happen!

The Camping Experience

Camping is a unique opportunity to experience God’s creation and the beauty of the environment that most of us don’t see every day. More importantly it affords the opportunity to build relationships with family and make new friends without the distractions of the world. Leave business and social media at home. Instead, relax, reflect, and wear the same clothes for three days. Build a fire with the kids and burn marshmallows. Go for a hike. Take a nap. Go fishing and teach the kids how to put a worm on a hook. Camping is a special time to just BE and not worry about what to DO.

Learn more about the campground on the Lake Heron web site.

Camping fun


Dean and Gail Stephens bought the 240 acre property with the 10 acre lake in 1987 and knew it would be a beautiful area to develop for camping. They worked together for over 20 years to build it to what it is today.
Dean and Gail's desire is to ensure good stewardship of the property that God entrusted to them. Dean said, "It is just as important to God how we distribute what is left of His property when we die as it is how we managed it while we were alive." Their objective is to give Him a good return on His investment during the years they managed it.
The Lake Heron Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation, is fulfilling Dean and Gail’s legacy by preserving the Lake Heron property and continuing the Christian ministry.

Dean and Gail Stephens


Dean and Gail dreamed big. While they owned the property, they made extensive improvements, but wanted to expand the ministry in a big way! The Lake Heron Conservancy was established in late 2017 to do just that. We want this to be a big year for continued growth and outreach.

Many improvements have been made over the past few years:

  • Campground reservation management system. Online reservations and payments make it easy for campers to schedule a reservation.
  • Percolation testing and soil probes were done in late 2019, toward the design and installation a wastewater treatment system to service "The Barn", RV campsites, and future lake-side cabins, bathhouse, and activities field.
  • Churches utilized Lake Heron Retreat for youth events and church picnics.
  • Work continued on upgrades to the Lake Heron Dam, as required by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. This is an ongoing multi-year project, including maintenance and upgrades to the overflow outletworks.
  • Transfer the lake property to LHC ownership. Fundraising and partnership opportunities are key for success.
'The Barn' in need of a deck.

Support Lake Heron Conservancy

By supporting Lake Heron Conservancy:

  • You are part of a solution to reach families and children for Christ
  • You are offering children opportunities to develop personal growth, self-esteem, leadership skills
  • You are improving your community and safeguarding the environment.
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Partnerships — Associations — Supporters

The Lake Heron Conservancy seeks partnerships with churches, youth organizations, service groups, businesses, and individuals to realize its vision. Please contact us to introduce yourself and your organization.