Common Sense Rules of Camping


       Respect the space of others: Don't take a shortcut to the bathhouse and cut through someone's campsite. Additionally keep your camping "stuff" confined to your campsite.


       Radios and TV s  Many people go camping for the peace and quiet.  While your collection of polka tunes is wonderful, not everyone has this level of sophisticated taste.  Keep the volume on these devices low enough that it does not disturb neighbors.


       Car alarms  Not everyone likes to hear the setting and unsetting (beep-beep) of a car alarm.  Try to limit their use.  Also, if you set it remember to turn it off before you open the door.


       Pets  If you bring a pet camping you need to take care of it.  Clean up after them and keep them occupied.  Do not leave them unattended while you go off for a few hours.  Remember not everyone likes to hear the sound of a barking dog.  See "Camping with Your Dog".


       Control your children:  Everyone understands that kids go camping to have a good time.  Teach you children to respect the privacy and property of others.


       Limit Use of Generators:  The sound of a running generator can disturb the peace and quiet of a campground.  If at all possible avoid their use.  If you must use them, restrict their use to the minimum amount of time necessary.