Camping at

Erie Pavilion

This area is used by groups or several families for camping or picnics.  It's possible to get 2 pop-ups at the pavilion and 6 - 8 tents in the woods next to it. It has its own privy.  It is secluded from other campers.


Fire ring / cooking / fish cleaning area

4 Large picnic tables with view of lake



Several pop-ups can park around pavilion, while tents can be pitched in woods.


Liverpool Cub Scouts, June 2016


Camping Tip:  You know that awful black soot that gets all over the bottom of your pots and pans when you cook over an open campfire?  You can avoid the messy cleanup if you use one of those aluminum foil pie pan under your pot.  An alternative solution is rub the bottom of the pot with liquid dish detergent.  The soot wipes off with ease when you're finished cooking.


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In an emergency, a drawstring from a parka hood can be used to strangle a snoring tent mate.